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          Odd network enterprise website management system -KeyWebCMS is the asp.net/access technology development, web front end use bootstrap/.net framework can adaptive computers and mobile devices, the website background using the easyUI/.net framework, friendly page, user experience performance better. Background to support multi language, can be arbitrarily extended, each language version of the free switch between management. Web site contains the main functions of the enterprise website (about us, news, products, messages, talent recruitment, engineering cases, albums, etc.), and can increase the column to expand, suitable for the two development. Article, product.

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          Tel:0532-88768859  15589891985


          URL:http://www.huangdituan.com  http://www.青島led顯示屏.com

          Address:No635,Chongqing Road,Licang District, Qingdao City,Shandong Province.

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